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Mercredi 30 juillet 2008, par Ulysses Saloff-Coste — Divers

When you’re logged in xianoei.com
you can choose the design of your profile.

— I must write that my genius in Chinese comes from here

It’s clever : you have to pay to customise your profile !

Picture 1 : Proud of my profile :-D

My first « xiaonei friend » oups just an alumni of the Sorbonne :-( : see her profile

Picture 2 : Home page (lwhen logged in)

My first message :

欢迎来到校内网 ^_^ 校内网是一个真实网络,非常重视对用户隐私权的保护。在这里你可以创建个性空间,发表日志,上传照片,分享好友新鲜事。


1,填写真实资料 为了方便朋友找到你,请使用真实姓名、真实头像,填写真实信息。 资料真实就会成为星级用户。

2,找老同学、朋友: 你可以点击个人空间上的大学、院系、高中、家乡等链接搜索到同校、同系、同学、同乡。 也可以按姓名、公司名称、大学、中学、小学信息、入学年份,email等条件进行精确搜索。

3,隐私保护: 为保护用户的隐私,校内网提供较为全面的隐私设置来保证你的信息安全。进右上角的“帐号”—“隐私设置”设置你的信息开放度。 如果不喜欢某人就把他加入“黑名单”吧 ^_^。

4,加好友: 在对方页面上点击“加为好友”,等待对方确认,对方同意后系统会自动以对方名义给你发一封站内信。


校内网 www.xiaonei.com


or with the translator by Google :

Welcome to the campus network _ ^ ^ Campus network is a real network, the user attaches great importance to the protection of privacy. Here you can create a personalized Space, log on, upload photos, share friends novelty.

This is the use of guidelines, please read carefully, thank you !

1, fill out the real information In order to facilitate a friend to find you, please use the real name, the true portrait, filled out a true information. Information will become the real stars users.

2, to find old classmates and friends : Personal space you can click on the university, faculty, high school, his hometown, and other search link to the same school, with the line, with Science, folks. Or by name, company name, universities, secondary schools, primary schools, school year, email, etc. into the Bank precise search.

3, privacy protection : To protect the privacy of users, the school provides a more comprehensive set up to ensure the privacy of your information security. Jin turn right Shangjiao the « account » - « privacy settings » you set up the opening up of information. If you do not like someone put his « blacklist » it _ ^ ^.

4, and friends : In the other pages by clicking on « Add to Friends » and wait for the other side confirmed that the consent of the other side to the other side will automatically name Just give you one of the stations within the letter.

Please see the issue more help, or to call center WEBMASTER, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Www.xiaonei.com campus network

— Internal network is your friend for life to maintain communication with the bridge

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